World Toilet Summit

The World Toilet Organization has successfully held 13 World Toilet Summits since 2001. The 12 summits were held in major cities worldwide including Singapore, Seoul, Taipei, Beijing, Belfast, Moscow, New Delhi, Macau, Hainan, Philadelphia and Solo, Indonesia.

World Toilet Summit is a unique global event established by the World Toilet Organization to bring together various sanitation stakeholders under one roof to connect and collaborate on innovative inventions, projects and products in the sanitation sector. This annual event is jointly organized by a host government and the World Toilet Organization.

Our Approach

By establishing a global platform for toilet associations, non-profit and for-profit entities and private sector stakeholders to share best practices in the sanitation sector, the World Toilet Summit aims to empower delegates, exhibitors and sponsors to exchange knowledge, expertise and resources in scaling up impact and innovation in the sanitation marketplace.


The World Toilet Summit has been held in various continents since 2001. An estimated number of 3, 000 delegates have attended the World Toilet Summit since its inception.